The Bizarre World of 100 Gecs – YouTube Documentary

I love learning about the journeys that artists take to create their work. This YouTube doc really inspired me and helped me learn more about a group whose music is extremely influential to today’s pop music scene.

It’s always cool seeing artists like Dylan Brady who have contributed to the music industry in many ways that are often invisible to the public. It reminds me that some people are out there creating art because it’s what they love to do, rather than for mere public attention alone.

I really appreciated learning more about Laura Les’ story and her struggles in mental health. Her lyrics hit home with me in many ways.

I love that Dylan and Laura are authentically weird and embrace themselves regardless of what is popular. Their authenticity inspires me to accept myself just the way I am, even if others don’t understand me. This duo’s fearlessness when it comes creation is extremely inspiring to me and I am excited for eras of gecs to come.

Let me know what you thought of the doc if you decide to watch 🙂

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