Loner – Kali Uchis

I’ve been vibing to this song all week. I am at a place in my life where I am not sacrificing myself for others as much as I used to. I would rather be alone than around people who don’t respect me and my needs.

Growing up in my family, I would constantly be invalidated in my feelings which has led me to feel embarrassed and ashamed of my emotions. I have learned to embrace a loner kind of attitude because it has kept me a lot more safe than having people around who make me feel shameful and doubtful of myself. I have become more selective with who I let in and I am more careful with my heart.

It is difficult for me to devalue the opinions of others and to trust in myself. I am working on building back my self esteem and self love. It’s important to me that I trust people who I open up to so that I am not basing my self worth on people’s opinions who I don’t even like. I would rather be a loner, I would rather be alone than let people into my life that treat me badly.

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