Patrick Teahan – YouTube Shorts

I enjoy one of Patrick’s shorts almost everyday. These quick shorts help me to check in and validates my feelings around healing from childhood trauma. He speaks about toxic family dynamics and ways that we can honor our child self. I have been doing a lot of inner child work this last year. I didn’t…

Rainforest – Noname

Noname is a Chicago born rapper, poet, and activist. Her songs are full of jazzy slam poetry style lyrics that revolve around topics of feminism, systemic issues, and her struggles with being in the spotlight. Her deep, thoughtful, and powerful lyrics are displayed so well in this song; I always come back to it when…

Serotonin – girl in red

This song has helped me feel a lot of release and acceptance with my struggles in mental health. It encapsulates a feeling of being self aware of your struggles but also overwhelmed by yourself and the moment. Dig deep, can’t hide from the corners of my mind. i’m terrified of what’s inside – I used…

We Never Change – Coldplay

“i want to live life and never be cruel” – This line describes a longing for a simplification of what life is. The writer wants to never be cruel and to only be kind, shining light on the reality that sometimes they hurt others but that they don’t want to. It doesn’t feel good to…

Whispers – Halsey

This song hits me hard every time I listen to it because it shows so many raw truths about loneliness and the want to be desired.

To Love Myself More Than You

I could breath in the water and act like it was natural

There is something wrong with the way that I love and the way that I cling

Intrusive Thoughts

I try to swallow my intrusive thoughts like a pill without water

They stick to my throat and coat my tongue with the taste of bitter chemicals

Life Update

My healing fantasy was broken. I was broken.

The Children of the Ocean

Trying to fit in is how I survived growing up. I couldn’t explore my sexuality, because no one around me accepted or understood gay people. I told my family I was depressed, but no one knew how to deal with that, so they chose to ignore or dismiss my cries for help. I was losing my religion, but if I told anyone I would be pressured even harder to accept the lord or be labeled an evil person.