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To weep from my sadness To scream from my anger I wish I could let go without asking why I only felt justified in feeling When I could explain why I felt Intellectualizing my subconscious has left me pent up So much has gone unsaid Unresolved Not knowing how to open up in the moment…

The Lovers II (1928) – René Magritte

Their formal clothes in contrast to their covered faces show the best sides of themselves that they choose to show each other. Their face coverings on the other hand depict that no matter how physically close these two people are, they will never truly know the other person fully.

We Never Change – Coldplay

“i want to live life and never be cruel” – This line describes a longing for a simplification of what life is. The writer wants to never be cruel and to only be kind, shining light on the reality that sometimes they hurt others but that they don’t want to. It doesn’t feel good to…


My goals were 20 years long But now all I can handle is getting through the day

I cling

I cling to things and people I don’t even want The momentum is alluring for a self isolating soul like mine I need love but I settle for a high My loneliness paves my one track mind High risk High reward Are just momentary illusions to fill a void I’m cyclically killing my soul Stuck…

Coloring Book

I’ve been a coloring book left on a public coffee table

Euphoria Season 1 & 2 – HBO Max

Instead of going into episodes that I liked, I want to dig deeper into analysis on some characters that I feel like I relate to in the show.

I Do This All The Time – Self Esteem

“look up, lean back, be strong, you didn’t think you’d live this long” – To be honest, I didn’t really expect to live a long life until recently. Growing up, I was always so depressed and had such low self esteem that I didn’t imagine a full future for myself. It’s a bit jarring to…


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