This is a diary entry that I made on January 19th, 2018

Some days I feel weak.
Some days I feel tired.
Some days I look at words that I have written and they make sense,
but I don't feel their passion or their bravery.
I have a bad tendency of only talking about the days where I feel the best
and I'm embarrassed by the days that feel grey and empty.
Those days are there though.
Those days happen.
I'm scared that if I talk about those days,
people will worry and talk about me.
There isn't anything to worry about though.
I am not the same person every day.
I change. 
Like the moon, I grow and fall into myself.
I'm always there, but at times you will only see pieces of me, 
because I am not proud of all that I am.
It's hard to be luminous all of the time. 

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