Halsey is one of my top favorite artists. I cycle through her albums often and find so many of her lyrics relatable. I appreciate her transparency about how her mental illness (bipolar disorder) affects her.

I HATE EVERYBODY is a song that I have consistently come back to because it puts words to a pattern that I have in romanticizing others and performing a sort of escapism by falling in love with many people; some might even say that this falls under the love addiction category.

in reality i don’t even remember anything but thinking you’re the one and i can force a future like it’s nothing – The more close that I get to myself, the more I am realizing that I have a large and often idealistic fantasy life. This feeds into the romanticization of others and how I can build up images of them too fast.

i hate everybody, well why can’t i go home without somebody? and really i could fall in love with anybody who don’t want me – This whole process is cyclic for me. I get a crush on someone, I feel like they fill all of the boxes that were empty, things get too intense, I realize that things aren’t as I built them up in my mind (I often am sacrificing parts of myself for the situation to work), and then I go into a mode of “hating everybody”, just for the cycle to continue again.

This song makes me feel seen and less ashamed of having fallen into these same patterns. I don’t think that being imperfect in relationships makes us bad people, but rather people who are destined to continue to grow.

What did you think of the song? 🙂

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