Dumbest girl alive – 100 gecs

The 100 gecs duo (Laura Les and Dylan Brady) released their second studio album “10,000 gecs” last week. I love the humor and inhibition that this band brings to the popular music genre; it’s a breath of fresh air to hear songs that don’t take themselves too seriously and that can embrace the self-critical narrative that a lot of us experience.

Dumbest girl alive is the opening track to the album and it reflects many of the thoughts that go through my mind when I am in a more self-critical mood.

The repeated line “i’m the dumbest girl alive” is a sentiment that’s all too familiar to me. Sometimes I feel like the world is crashing in and it’s because of the string of bad decisions that I find myself falling into. I can crave chaos and find myself diving into my addictions, leaving me facing the repercussions the next day. It feels nice to embrace the title of the dumbest girl alive because it brings a self awareness to a life that sometimes feels out of control and even toxic at times.

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