We Never Change – Coldplay

“i want to live life and never be cruel” – This line describes a longing for a simplification of what life is. The writer wants to never be cruel and to only be kind, shining light on the reality that sometimes they hurt others but that they don’t want to. It doesn’t feel good to know that our actions can affect others negatively, but being able to reflect after those moments is so important to know ourselves better and to get closer to the versions of ourselves that are more in line with characteristics that we want.

“i want to live in a wooden house where making more friends would be easy” – This is another longing to live in a more simple idealistic lifestyle. I feel like this a lot. I grew up on a farm around a lot of animals and with wide open spaces where I could be in nature. I often daydream about when I can get back to that lifestyle again and be more at peace. The pace that we are required to live in isn’t always conducive to a positive mental space. Having to work long hours and hustle to get towards a higher economic status has drained me and so I keep this day dream to look forward to of when things will become more simple and easier.

“oh i don’t have a soul to save. yes, and i sin every single day” – This resolve to the song shows that although the singer has well intentions of being kind, living in a more simple lifestyle, and being good to his lover, he doesn’t view himself as the person that he wants to be.

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