WHY? – Willow

Willow (Smith) started her music career at the young age of 10 years old and now at the age of 23 has 5 studio albums under her belt. Willow’s vocal range and ability to explore many music genres keeps me drawn to her music. Her latest release <Coping Mechanism> is a grungy inspired album about a polyamorous relationship that she was in that ended in heartbreak. I liked many songs on the album, but “WHY?” is one that I found myself playing on repeat.

“i just gotta stop questioning my life” – This line resonates with me so much. My mind is an ever steady flow of wondering how I can be better, re-playing failed relationships, and wondering what happened. I can be so hard on myself, constantly aiming for perfection but at the end of the day what I really need is to just stop questioning myself so much and allow myself the space to just be.

“no time for fight-or-flight, I think I’m gonna freeze” – Heartbreak in particular can freeze us in our heads and leave us in an isolating state. Romantic relationships involve so much intimacy that it can be hard to let our loved ones in post-breakup.

“Isolation got me goin’ psycho” – I’ve struggled with isolation my whole life. I am an introverted person, but I have learned recently that I need to be mindful of when I need alone time and when I am hiding from others. Touching grass and talking to friends, especially when I am depressed can make such a big difference in how I am viewing myself and the world around me.

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