Trash Tuesday – Podcast

Trigger warning: Sexual abuse, physical abuse

I am not a religious person, but if I was Trash Tuesday would be my religion. Hosts Annie Lederman (comedian), Khalyla Kuhn (of the TigerBelly Podcast), and Esther Povitsky (comedian/actress) created this comedy podcast about two years ago and I haven’t missed an episode yet.

Their raunchy, dark humor fuels my Tuesdays and makes me feel seen in ways that I didn’t know possible. A big part of the show involves transparency in their mental health and past traumas, covering topics of romantic relationships, growing up abused, and their current therapeutic practices.

Mental health is usually talked about in such a serious tone, but I find their comedic spin on discussing such deep topics to be refreshing and empowering. Their vulnerable conversational style helps to destigmatize taboo topics like being molested, involved in abusive relationships, and just sex in general.

The Dr. Drew episode (below) is a great intro into the podcast. It gives insights into each hosts personality and some of their stories.

Let me know what you think if you decide to watch 🙂

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