Pamela, a love story

Trigger warnings: nudity, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, drugs, alcohol

Pamela Anderson recently released a self-footage style autobiographical documentary to Netflix and wow am I living for it. She released this documentary as a way to combat the Hulu series Pam and Tommy that non-consensually used one of her past relationships as content for a show.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Pamela when I started the documentary. I knew that she was on Baywatch and that she was a model, but her scandals and overall story were foreign to me.

Her early life was filled with many traumatic experiences such as being sexually abused by her baby sitter and having a father who was addicted to alcohol and abusive.

Throughout the documentary, I couldn’t help but be glued to the screen in awe of the life that Pamela lived. From party girl to sensitive writer, I felt a sort of kindred spirit with her. Her bravery and freedom to pose nude is something that I admire greatly. Society tells us every day that women are objects and I think that Pamela felt that objectification immensely due to her line of work. From sleazy interviewers to people stealing her private property and selling it to the world, I can only image the weight that she carried around every day.

The documentary closes with a nudge that Pamela is now recovering from love addiction, something that a lot of us get caught up in. I appreciate the raw look into her life and the vulnerability that it takes to tell her story from her own point of view.

Let me know what you think if you decide to watch 🙂

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