The Before Trilogy – Movie

Before Sunrise – 1995

Before Sunset – 2004

Before Midnight – 2013

My friend introduced me to this set of movies recently and they are such a unique and refreshing way to view different stages of love throughout life. Each movie keeps the same main characters and they are filmed 9 years apart. We get to watch the actors physically grow as the story line gets deeper. Each film focuses on long conversations between the main characters Celine and Jesse. I really enjoyed this style of shooting because so much dialogue allows for depth in each characters and draws out their inner most thoughts.

Before Sunset focuses on the romance and hopefulness that comes with new love. Letting someone in for the first time and letting them lead you on an adventure. The fun and exciting parts of love.

Before Sunset leads us into the world of love lost and how time apart can change us. I don’t want to give too much away here so I will leave it at that.

Before Midnight leans into what it is like to age with someone else. Accepting and allowing their humanity and flaws, while also longing for desire and admiration.

As of now, there is no plan for a fourth movie, but I would love to see another chapter to this saga unfold and to experience more depth into the story of long lasting love.

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