Dying for Sex Podcast

Molly, a woman in her 40s, has stage four breast cancer. After leaving her unhappy marriage, she starts exploring her sexuality and shares all the tea with her best friend Nikki on the six-part Dying for Sex Podcast.

We get to hear about all of the intimate details of her embracing life to the fullest while following her on her journey towards death. Molly and Nikki share a dark sense of humor that brings a light to the backdrop of sadness of slowly losing a friend. This pod tells a story of unconditional friendship and authenticity without judgement. The safest of spaces.

I binged this podcast in 2020 and it really shifted the way that I viewed my own life and sexuality. The truth of life is that we die. Although not all of us experience terminal cancer, we can find a glimpse of ourselves in Molly’s story that can inspire us to continue living life to the fullest while we have a life to live.

You can listen to this podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

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