Post Schedule

Hey everyone! I am going to try and get more organized with my blog this year. Here is an updated posting schedule. It’s been so nice to write more consistently and to make more quality content. I hope the new year is treating you all well so far!


Music Corner: I’ll be posting songs that I like and my interpretations of them.


Jumbled Thoughts: I’m going to post anything and everything that I feel like. I am a true content goblin at heart so anything from books I’ve read, movies I like, podcasts, and all of the random stuff that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the blog will go here.


Poems: I’ll post my poetry here. My poems are usually very moody, sad, and full the melodramas of my life.








Gratitude Journal: I’ll post what I’m grateful every week here. I get so caught up in my mental illness and depression at times, that I think it’s important that I write out the good stuff to give me a more balanced view of my life. Feel free to leave in the comments what you’re grateful for that week 🙂 I always enjoy hearing from you all.

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