Heartache that follows me in my dreams

I wake up and sit in my tears as I orient myself back into my bedroom

I flip the pillow and try to forget

A distracted mind full of ambient sounds is what I long for most

It’s 3:34am and there is a sadness to the still of the world

It makes me remember the worries that I locked away

Sometimes I feel as though they are gone forever

But they creep back in when I expect them least and they leave me restless

My tired eyes and tired heart ache as the stars make their way across the sky

The sun will be up soon and I can finally get some rest


Hiii my amazing readers,

I am trying out something new with this post and have included an audio file of me reading my poem. I am hoping that it brings a bit more emotion into my writing. I have really enjoyed posting my writings these last couple of years and I appreciate all the comments that I have received. I wish you all the best with the coming of the new year! Stay safe, stay healthy.

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