Our Dilemma


*This is a poem that I wrote many years ago about a past relationship I was in. It was in this relationship that I learned that love is not two half people coming together to make a whole, but about two whole people deciding to come together.*

He is good

He changes my flat tire and tries to save a dying child

He is good

He doesn’t even have to try 

His innocence is in how he cares

He cares so much

He thinks things through and it shows

He wants you to ask “why?”, because he can tell you

He has anticipated your doubt

Sometimes he doesn’t know, though

He doesn’t beat himself up for that 

He’s hard on himself for other reasons

Mostly reasons out of his control

Mostly the reasons that make him human

He doesn’t know why things have to be this way

Why we suffer and why we live

Why we go through peaks and troughs of depression

But it’s clear to him why we love

He keeps longing for God, even though he knows he will probably never find Him

He thinks he is not good

He hates himself, and it kills me

Because I hate myself too

And he thinks that I am good

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